SC Environmental Science Co.,Ltd.

Specialty chemicals division

SES offers products to prevent microbial spoilage of finished products and protects them during the manufacturing process.
Almost all the industrial products, which are indispensable for the life and industry, are made from limited resources. To use the products born from the earth for as long as possible is to save the precious resources and lead to the protection of environment. SES is contributing to customer's efficient production and quality improvement by providing agents for preventing microbial obstacles which occur in manufacturing process or products.
SES offers a wide variety of products to prevent insect, bacterial, fungal, mold and algae attack in industrial situations and timber structures. It also offers a range of allergen reducing agents, slimecides, etc.

Products and Activity

Fungicides, bactericides and anti-mold agents

These eliminate microorganisms and prevent contamination in many situations.

Target polymer materials, fiber, paper, rubber, paint, wood pulp, wet wipes.

Preservatives (antiseptics) and slimicides

These prevent microorganism attack during manufacturing processes and in the finished industrial products.

Target resin emulsion, starch, inorganic slurry, industrial oil, paint, pulp production chemicals

Anti-mold agents for wood

These prevent mold in timber products.

Allergen reducing agents

These reduce the activity of allergens such as dust-mite, mold, pollen, etc.,

Nylon beads

Due to their spherical characteristics these micro-beads are suitable for cosmetic applications and lubricants in industrial process.