SC Environmental Science Co.,Ltd.

Business Overview

Protect "Environment" for "Health",
Protect "Product" for "Environment",
to realize such ideas

Resources are the treasure given from the earth. Mankind has enjoyed the comfortable life for a long time using this present. However, it is obvious that the resources and environment reach to the limit in the present-day society supported by mass production and consumption.
We, SES, will strive to be creative for possible coexistence of people, society and environment with good balance and comfort through development of the best products such as insecticides and its use methods, micro-organism controlling technologies using fungicides and preservatives in order to pass on the beautiful earth to the next generation.

Home Products Division

We have various know-how such as formulation technologies, the production engineering that cultivated mainly on development of insecticide for a household and pets feels and respond appropriately to the demands of customers who diverse and advanced.

Environmental Health Division

SES seeks to improve the living environment with our pesticides and disinfectant products for public health, companion animals, and livestock.
SES follows a systemic approach of "Integrated Pest Management" to improve the environment in food processing, pharmaceutical and precision instrument manufacturing facilities.
With our termiticides and wood preservatives, SES protects timber structures such as houses, railway sleepers and temples from termite, bacterial and fungal decay.
SES proposes unique customer solutions using expertise through the development of pesticides and industrial repellent products.

Specialty chemicals division

Almost all the industrial products, which are indispensable for the life and industry, are made from limited resources. To use the products born from the earth for as long as possible is to save the precious resources and lead to the protection of environment. SES is contributing to customer's efficient production and quality improvement by providing agents for preventing microbial obstacles which occur in manufacturing process or products.


We will promptly meet customer's various needs such as "mass production", "small lots multi -production" and "high quality". Our factory has obtained ISO9001 approval and we manufacture and supply pharmaceuticals in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).