SC Environmental Science Co.,Ltd.

Message from the President



In recent years, dynamic changes are occurring in our living environment such as global warming and rapid expansion of movement of people and goods in the world which accompanies the invasion of new infectious diseases through alien species of insects and birds.

In our living environment also, request from residents are highly diversified against many problems such as bacteria, mold, smell, termite and nuisance insects inside and outside of houses as per increase of highly airtight and heat insulated good quality housing. In the industries it is required quick and appropriate treatment against fungi, contamination of foreign articles in factory, and disease and insect damage in livestock farm.

Sumika Environmental Science Co., Ltd.(SES) has been established as a company who can provide a total business solution to the customers to solve all those environment problems by using its own basic techniques.

We SES, as a core company which plays an important role of environmental health business of Sumitomo Chemical, will build the effective system of research, development, manufacturing and distribution and expand diversely the business by utilizing the business operating base in close cooperation with Sumitomo Chemical and will aim to contribute the society to be a reliable company in developing with them.