SC Environmental Science Co.,Ltd.

PCO Sales Department

SES provides pesticides for both public health and nuisance insects control
The spread of new infectious disease and alien insect pests in recent years has been driven by dynamic changes in our environment (e.g. global warming and population growth).
SES strives to maintain comfortable living standards and to secure manufacturing capacities by developing new products for the control of harmful insect pests, bacteria and fungi which appear in the environment.

Products and Activity

Pesticide products for public health

SES has a wide range of pesticide products, regulated by the law governing pharmaceutical products and medical instruments through Japan's Ministry of Health and Labor ,for the control of insect pests like housefly, mosquito, cockroach, lice, flea, bedbug, mite, housedustmite, which transmit infectious diseases.

Pesticide products for nuisance insect pests

SES has pesticide products for the control of nuisance insects, such as wasp, hornet, bee, chich bug, and non-biting midge, in the living environment, and provides protection against various insect pests which invade or occur in the manufacturing or food processing facility.