SC Environmental Science Co.,Ltd.

Company Information

Aiming to a reliable company who contribute
the society and develop with the society.

SC Environmental Science Co., Ltd (SES) has been established on April 1st 2014 by consolidating the business of the former "Sumika Enviro-Science Co., Ltd." and the former "Sumika Life Tech, Ltd".
We, SES consider that the great synergy effect will be created by business integration of "Sumika Enviro-Science Co., Ltd" which has been engaging development, manufacturing and distribution of control agents for environmental management including termite control and fungicides for industrial use and wood preservatives and "Sumika Life Tech" has resolved the business of development, manufacturing and distribution of insecticides for household, professional and companion animals use and insecticides and disinfectants for livestock.
SES, newly born by the integration as a core company which plays a role in environmental health business of Sumitomo Chemical, will build the effective system of research, development, manufacturing and distribution and expand diversely the business by utilizing the business operating base in close cooperation with Sumitomo Chemical.